Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The necessity for emergency electricity has become even more obvious due to recent weather calamities and natural tragedies. While gasoline generators have traditionally been the go-to option in such instances, they are no longer safe or reliable. Portable power generators are springing up everywhere, but they rarely have enough capacity to run your entire house in an emergency. This is where EcoFlow’s revolutionary Delta Pro portable power station kicks in, widening the definition of “portable” while simultaneously enhancing the capabilities of power stations.

EcoFlow warns us that the evaluation unit they supplied us is essentially a prototype. The final retail unit will have enhanced build quality and capacity, while it symbolizes the power station’s architecture as well as its essential functioning. Even so, we’re thrilled by this prototype and anticipate big things from the final product.

There’s no denying that EcoFlow Delta Pro is massive and heavy, weighing in at a staggering 45kg/99lbs. You won’t be bringing this by yourself, but accompanying handle covers do their best to alleviate the pain when you have to raise it with a friend. On the other hand, the Delta Pro is meant to be rolled with an extensible handle that allows you to elevate one side and move it around with its two back wheels.

At first sight, the Delta Pro’s front panel appears to include all of the normal ports. However, this conceals Delta Pro’s adaptability. Two flaps towards the right of a front panel hide output connections and an ingenious Infinity AC port, which we’ll come to later. There are plenty of ways to fuel other gadgets as well as power the Delta Pro itself, thanks to the number of connections offered and their variety.

The entire design of this newest EcoFlow masterpiece is reminiscent of a massive cooler on wheels, with a solid plastic body all around. The top of a power station possesses a marble-like appearance, which we mistook for shipping cracks at first. “It’s a functionality, not a bug.”  A colour LED panel on the front displays important information such as the amount of power being drawn from or into Delta Pro, and the projected time remaining till it fully recharges or discharges.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is not particularly attractive, but it’s not designed to be a work of art. Its main claim to glory is, of course, its massive 3600Wh battery, which dwarfs many other power stations, including even comparable size. Add in the fact that one can use X-Boost to increase the power output to 4500W, and you’re practically ready to power the whole house, particularly if you do have two of them.

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