luxury giant lvmh close to acquiring iconic new york jeweler tiffany for usd 16 billion

Luxury Giant LVMH Close To Acquiring Iconic New York Jeweler Tiffany For USD 16 Billion

Luxury giant LVMH is close to sealing the deal of buying the US jewelry chain Tiffany for more than USD 16 billion. The two companies can formally announce the deal in a couple of days. They apparently reached to an agreement after LVMH increased its offer to USD 135 per share. In October last year, the price offered was around USD 120 per share in cash. However, the shares jumped to USD 126 soon after reports about the deal emerged. Many analystRead More


cancer survivors are 10 times more vulnerable to heart diseases

Cancer Survivors Are 10 Times More Vulnerable To Heart Diseases

Major research has shown that cancer survivors are at 10 times higher risk of dying from heart diseases than the rest of the people.  As per the study, the chances of death from heart disease are four times high within the first year after the cancer diagnosis. Experts have said that such risk remaRead More

washington state bans the sale of vape products containing vitamin e acetate

Washington state bans the sale of vape products containing vitamin E acetate

Washington banned the sale of vapor products containing vitamin E acetate on 18th November 2019, and federal health officials have found that the compound may be the cause of e-cigarette-related diseases that have caused more than 2,000 people across the country. The National Health Council’s ban wiRead More