Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Goldwind Science & Technology (“Goldwind“) revealed that it had finished the installation and grid linkage of the GW 5S Smart Wind Turbine test component, marking a significant step forward in the company’s evolvement of the high-performance as well as large-megawatt permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) onshore wind turbines. The GW 5S Smart Wind Turbine test unit is among its kind in the world.

Mr. Cao Zhigang, the president of Goldwind, says, “Throughout the production and launch of other clean energy technologies and wind turbines, Goldwind has followed a methodical and deliberate approach. With the GW 5S wind turbine, Goldwind has developed its most effective onshore turbine to date, taking into consideration global wind market demands, customer feedback, and years of extensive research and advancement – further distinguishing it as a high-rated turbine among the company’s already impressive package of mature PMDD wind turbine platforms.”

A structured design built on Goldwind’s best-in-class PMDD turbine innovation underpins the GW 5S platform, which incorporates features from its predecessors — most notably the GW 3S and 4S — such as high-power generation, intelligent control programs, expandable capacity, high reliability, and grid-friendliness. The GW 5S platform will be deployed in a variety of locations around the world. IEC wind class IIIB commodity manufactured by Goldwind for China as well as other international key markets is based on the same platform-centered modular development as other Goldwind PMDD turbines. It has a scaled power rating of 5.2MW – 5.6 and 6.0MW, which is a rotor diameter of 165 meters, and hub heights that can range from about 100 meters to 130 meters. The product is designed for China and other international key markets and has scaled rated power that ranges from 5.2MW to 5.6.

Mr. Wu Kai, who serves as the vice president of the Goldwind and general manager (GM) of Goldwind International Holdings, says the company’s 5-megawatt turbine “highlights our technological detail and ability to deliver trusted products and services to customers and projects on a global scale.” Goldwind Science & Technology is the parent company of nine global subsidiaries, including Goldwind International Holdings, which is a division of the Goldwind Science & Technology as well as a subsidiary of the Goldwind International Holdings.

The GW 5S made its first public appearance at the China Wind Power (CWP) convention in 2020. The test equipment was deployed in China in the late July 2021 and connected to the power grid in mid-August of the same year. DNV will now put it through a number of tests and international type approvals before releasing it. 

Goldwind Science & Technology is an international leader in the development of renewable energy, environmental protection and energy conservation technologies and systems. They are devoted to supporting energy transformation in order to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, dependable, and sustainable energy, as well as to propel the transition to a renewable energy future. Wind energy, the internet of energy, and the environmental protection are some of our specialties. We use a combination of great scientific research innovation and the best business processes to push the efficiency of renewable energy use to new heights.

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