the future of medicine by development of nanotechnology

The Future of Medicine by Development of Nanotechnology


Around the globe many researchers are thinking about how to solve numerous biggest problems in the field of medicine. Most of these biological processes occur at the nano level. This technological advancement is due to discovery of new field in medicine known Nanomedicine. Nanotechnology is brand of engineering that studies the functional systems at the molecular level. This sector combines elements of physics and molecular chemistry with engineering. The recent example of the technology is the usage of tiny carbon nanotubes for transportation of drugs to specific cells in human body. Some application of nanotechnology in the future of medical treatment sector are:

Smart Pills: a pill cam which is a smart pill was approved by the FDA in 2001. Many researchers globally are coming up with innovative as well as new applications for this smart pills concept. MIT researchers in the US designed a sensor-based pill. This is wirelessly controlled. It is used for dose adjustment of drug as well as gathered data within the human body. Cancer Treatment: The breakthrough in cancer is spreading across the globe and is impacting on society. Many researchers around the world are working on using many nanoparticles for targeting cancer cells in humans. Diagnostics: Many nanoscales based sensors are implanted. Which could detect infection of the target site.

In today’s world, small materials are capable of performing medical tasks with the help of nanotechnology in medical technologies. These include separation and purification of biological molecules and cells, giving anesthesia, nanogenerators, nano dentistry, and many others. Major universities are collaborating or partnering with many private enterprises. Under this, they are conducting studies for the development of this technology globally. It is most likely that people will experience the effect of nanomedicine in coming future. As the number of development and research is continuously increasing by various universities and research companies. This is like to tell us the future of nanomedicine in medicine and health sector.

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