Brand New AR Aging Lens Introduced by Snapchat As a Way to Pull Back Customers

Brand New AR Aging Lens Introduced by Snapchat As a Way to Pull Back Customers


Snapchat now plans to introduce a new weapon to attract back its customers. We are talking about the aging filter that is now going viral all over. With the help of this filter, you can morph your face from an older adult to that of a toddler. The recent filters mar the success of the baby filter that was introduced by the company in May. The aging filter is now taking the app industry with rage and giving ‘FaceApp Filter’ a fierce competition. The lens of the aging camera is already installed in the Snapchat App, and you will find the option to use it in the bottom section of the screen as you open the app.

There is news that Snapchat does pay people for building filters for their app. However, the aging filter is an original creation of Snapchat that is built by the internal team of the company. The screen is soon going to rule both offline and online. The Baby Filter of Snapchat was introduced in the last Spring. It was also used by other apps such as Instagram. However, the USP of Snapchat was the AR filter that attracted almost 10 million of the recent users. Genderswap was the feature of the app that attracted most of the attention.

Although Snapchat prefers its customers to post in the app, they say it is not a loss for them even if people visit the app for the AR technology. On the other hand, applications such as Instagram offer filters to make people look prettier, unlike Snapchat, which offers wacky and fun tricks. The way Snapchat is developing and updating its features seems like it is going to take over all the similar photo apps soon. For example, some apps do not allow their customers to use the features on other platforms, unlike Snapchat.

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