Drinking soda is associated with a greater risk of early death


You can call it anything you want, from pop or soft drink or soda, but a new study suggests that when it comes to health, it would be better to drink water. According to a large European study, it can be stated that people consuming a soda or two in a day had a higher risk of dying, over about 16 years when compared to people who consumed these fizzy beverages less than a time in a month. As per, Neil Murphy, senior author of the study, higher intake of soft drinks can be associated with a greater risk of death. It doesn’t matter if soft drinks consumed are with or without sugar.

Murphy further stated that according to the results obtained, it is better to limit the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages and replace it with healthier drinks, preferably water. Now the question arises how soda can be life-threatening? Actually, artificially sweetened beverages may lead to obesity and weight gain. Further, they might also affect the way hormone insulin is used in body, which may lead to inflammation. Hence, all of these things can lead to a health condition that may shorten life. Murphy said that more researches are needed in order to understand how artificially sweetened soda can increase the risk of early death. While the two can be associated, the current study is not enough to prove a relationship between pop and a higher risk of early death. He further stated that it could be possible that soda drinkers have other behaviors that might add up to their odds, for example unhealthy diet or smoking. Although some recent studies, linked drinking of soda with deaths from heart disease and even cancer.

However, several representatives from beverages and even sweetener industries urged people not to overreact to the findings. Dr. Keri Peterson, medical adviser of Calorie Control Council stated that the safety of no-calorie and low-calorie sweeteners had been reaffirmed to the people time and time again by leading government agencies and regulatory firms around the globe. However, registered dietitian Samantha Heller, from NYU Langone Health, New York, stated that the consumption of drinks that taste sweet is fueled because of proper advertising and marketing and the bottom line is there is no need to consume them


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