World’s First-Ever Commercial Electric Plane Takes Off in Canada

World’s First-Ever Commercial Electric Plane Takes Off in Canada


Air and atmosphere of our planet are becoming unhealthy due to various pollutants. Besides, smokes released from vehicles, factories, etc. massive contribute to rapidly increasing air pollution. The wide range of contaminants also includes aviation vehicles. Notably, air travel is a huge source of carbon emissions, which adds up to 2.5% of overall emissions on the planet. On the other hand, electric vehicles are slowly taking the place of traditional fuel-based vehicles. They are available as cars and bikes but have you heard about an electric plane. Yes, MagniX electric motors, Australia, and Harbour Air Seaplanes, Canada, have crossed the first major obstacle on the way towards electrified air travel.

On Tuesday, the first-ever, the fully-electric commercial flight flew up in the sky. Harbour Air Seaplanes have carried out the short test flight above the Fraser River located close to Vancouver International Airport in the suburb of Richmond. Well, it was a small seaplane having a capacity to carry six passengers. But it’s a fantastic discovery which also seems like a promising footstep towards electric air travel. The manufacturers have fitted MagniX’s 750-HP electric motor in the DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver plane. It also includes a large rack of lithium batteries and has a flying range of around 100 miles. MagniX CEO Roei Ganzarski said, for now, the flight is not up to the mark, but it’s sufficient to trigger a revolution.

The plane flew in the air for around ten minutes marking a small feasibility study of the test flight. Both Harbour and MagniX have partnered intending to develop the world’s first set of totally electric seaplanes for industrial use. The pair has primarily announced two models; the first one, magni250, consists of a 375HP electric motor. Whereas, the second one, magni500, hosts a larger 750HP electric engine. As a next stage, Harbour and Magnix will need to get a proper certification to re-equip other planes in the fleet of electric aircraft. Currently, Harbor provides a special service of sightseeing along with air tours of scenic locations. As per the company, it provides up to 300 flights every day and has more than 40 airplanes in the fleet.

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