Video gaming company PlayGiga acquired by Facebook

Video gaming company PlayGiga acquired by Facebook


The Facebook is coming with a video gaming market with the acquisition of PlayGiga, Madrid-based companies that specialized in cloud gaming. News is confirmed by spoke person of Facebook in an interview with CNBC on 18th December, after Cinco Dias Spanish newspaper reported last week that the acquisition was ready for coming and the price was nearly US$ 78 million. Facebook gaming team said that they are thrilled to welcome PlayGiga, but didn’t mention price yet. PlayGiga was introduced in 2013. The cloud gaming service ran by the company in Europe, though that operation has ended. Facebook said that they are eager to declare that the team of PlayGiga is moving to do something new; it published on the company’s main page of the website. The company is continuing with work in cloud gaming, with a new and exciting mission.

Facebook started expanding efforts in the gaming area in recent years now as per reports can say that it looks like Facebook is growing in markets with the help of online advertising. Facebook acquired virtual reality headset making Oculus at US$ 2 billion in 2014 and started selling the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest at US$ 399 in May of 2019. Facebook announced Instant Gaming containing light games for the users of Facebook and Messengers that built with HTML5 software stack in November 2016. The company said there are 700 million-plus users each month who engaging with gaming content. But 700 million people who are engaging every month are a huge number as compared to the Facebook scale, and the number is overgrowing.

Other major companies are also going with cloud video gaming service. Google launched Stadia for a US$ 9.99 per month gaming service in November 2019, with which users can start playing games on the cloud. Microsoft began to showing the xCloud gaming service in October. In the same month, Sony cut down the price of Sony PlayStation to US$ 9.99 per month. Hoping Facebook will come with cloud video games early.


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