state bans vapes, affects sales

State bans Vapes, affects Sales


Caponette’s eyes occupied with tears when she spoke regarding having put all her investment into her Worcester Vapor vape center the past seven years, and now without any notice, all of it is gone. Societe Caponette has a vape shop named as Worcester Vapor located at 659 West Boylston St. But now it is banned by government. Caponette is 56 years old lady in West Boylston. She said that it is huge loss as well as an emotional loss. She has about $124,000 unsold inventory. “It is very hurting when you put all your investment into one thing and it pulled away from you without warning. That was a very self-centered-nature thing that people made. Imagine if they were fired without any reason and lost his pension,” said by Caponette. Because of this ban, employees of vape shops left without work.

There is ban on all vape shops, vape centers, vaping devices and products, including marijuana and tobacco, said by Gov. Charlie Baker. “There are 12 deaths and more than 800 hospitalizations reported in 46 states,” announced by Dr. Monica Bharel and Gov. Baker. Dr. Monica Bharel is Public Health Commissioner. Massachusetts state has more than 70 cases of severe lungs illness, including five of people ages 16-50, at St. Vincent hospitals and UMass Memorial in Worcester. In Massachusetts 1 in 5 using electronic cigarettes regularly. The CDC said that most of the hospitalized patients reported using vapes containing marijuana. NBC reported last month that marijuana vapes contain toxic ingredients linked to hydrogen cyanide.

Kevin Brown is citizen of Grafton. Six years ago he opened vape shop named as Mad Vapes, located in 867 Grafton St. But now it is banned by government. Kevin Brown said that because of ban on vapes shops, all customers are pushed back to smoking cigarettes. Combustible cigarettes are more harmfull so this ban may be saving few people but killing more people.

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