new transportation service arriving in the region for people seeking mental health services

New transportation service arriving in the region for people seeking mental health services


Virginia will no longer transport the mental health patient in police cars. New transportation service launching in Southwest Virginia will be the first kind in the public commonwealth. Mental health patients are often sedated and restrained by service providers during transportation. This is an ideal systems-oriented approach to decrease adverse effect during transportation such as suicide attempt or self-harm attempt. Mental health patient has the right to safer transportation without hampering their dignity, self-respect. This approach is expected to aid in the health improvement of mental health consumers.

The department of behavioral health has established an alternative approach that will reduce the stress on the police force, and they can use their authority to serve some other area of need. This launch is expected to decrease the driving time by half. The main objective of this facility is to divide the work according to their priority. The department has involved private company as well long with public transport. Moreover, the private company offers alternative transportation for people with mental health or behavioral issues along with medical service during transit.

This transport has specific benefit such as it has four cameras placed in the transport car, one camera is placed near the patient or facing back of the front seat, other placed at the driver and one facing the road on the windshield. There is also a screen in the front of the driver’s seat to monitor all cameras. These cameras are keeping an eye on the condition of patients. It is estimated that public transport will serve major patient up to 59 percent, and the private company will serve the remaining 41 percent of the patient. The alternative transportation is expected to reduce the unnecessary burden on the force. The trending technique by G4S is expected to follow by the other manufacturers as well. With the help of this approach, the department is expecting stress-free transportation of mental health consumer along with better medical service.

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