Microsoft is going to end the support for Windows 10 mobile apps by 2021

Microsoft is going to end the support for Windows 10 mobile apps by 2021


It is big news that the technology giant, Microsoft, is going to put a full stop to the support services for Windows 10 mobile apps. Already, the technical support for the mobile operating system has ended on December 10, 2019. Now, an official statement has been made by the company that it is going to stop the support for the Windows 10 mobile apps, which is the most sought-after suite by the users. It comprises of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and One Note. There are no bug fixes, security patches, and technical support that the Windows 10 mobile apps are going to receive. Though the app would work, you cannot install the Windows 10 mobile apps on the new devices.

Due to no security updates, it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Microsoft Office apps on mobile phones as per Bill Doll, who is working on the capacity of Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Office applications at Microsoft. Research is still on for more precise updates about the security front of the claims. Experts are hopeful of specific solutions soon.

However, this announcement is not a big surprise for many people. It is a known fact that Windows 10 mobile is a debacle.

Microsoft has not released a new model of Lumia mobile in recent times. This platform is going to get obsolete soon, which includes Microsoft made applications. If you are still using the Lumia 950 mobile, you would need to switch to the other office apps that are compatible to use on this mobile. Many are ready to move to the Microsoft dual screen that is powered by the Android operating system. However, the users of Microsoft mobiles would be missing the Continuum. However, this concept still exists in Samsung mobiles. It is time for you to say bye to your old mobile and buy a new one.

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