Microsoft has disclosed new Surface Book features

Microsoft has disclosed new Surface Book features


The Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X launched along with Laptop Surface 3, Surface Duo, Surface Neo portables Microsoft in October 2019. The laptops with Windows 10 expected to launch during mid of 2020, including features like Pro X and Pro 7. Other than that with including some changes in that, like it will some difference between designs, with the help of that repairing, will be much more comfortable than the last one, and even removing hard disk will also be more pleased.

Now the question is how to write in the Surface Pen? That’s the curiosity. It is recently published in a newspaper with Titled as a computing Device to write with the detachable device. It includes designs and many methods that can use to write an input with the help of a digital pen reported by Mr. Mayank Parmar at a conference. According to news, Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 will come in the market with a detachable keyboard. It means whenever the user will be detaching the manual keyboard; the user will have a writing surface instead of a manual keyboard. Microsoft says users who are writing notes on the display device of the Surface Book can use Surface Pen, but it is not satisficing yet.

Considering the new version of graphics tablets, which will introduce in 2020, have some questions about its designing. For example, the left-handed one, how that person can use a writing pad while the digital pad has given on the right side. Considering the real power will be taken to input, and then it will be transferred to the screen and then into data. Microsoft has been working to make the display technology and Surface Pen technology simple for users, but it is more challenging to write on a near-vertical screen. With this, it’s clear that Microsoft is working to give better experience. And giving named Surface Book 3 could be beneficiary.

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