Google Will Display SOS Alert for Coronavirus-Related Searches


Reportedly, Google has partnered with the WHO (World Health Organization) to roll out an SOS Alert regarding coronavirus. Now, if users will search for the term coronavirus, the search engine will direct users to a curated SERP. The search results page will comprise of resources from the WHO, including preventive measures, news updates, and safety measures. The American tech giant and the global health agency have collectively announced the news today. As mentioned above, the effort is an SOS Alert from Google, which is active now. Apart from this, the company has announced direct support of $250,000 from its charitable arm The amount is to back relief efforts of coronavirus, and it will go into the account of Chinese Red Cross.

On the other hand, Google has declared the coronavirus epidemic as a public health emergency to a global extent. The outbreak that started in Wuhan, China, in December, has resulted in the death of around 170 people. To date, there have been more than 8,000 confirmed cases of the mysterious virus. The virus has also struck in the US. According to the CDC, as of 29th January, the officials have confirmed five cases of the illness. The health agency also noted that more than 90 people are under observation citing the sickness. Even more, various airlines have canceled flights on short-notice as a precautionary measure. Apart from this, other companies like Tesla and Google, have shuttered their workplaces in China due to the epidemic.

So searching for a coronavirus or any queries related to it will return a white card. The results will also indicate the SOS Alert, which users can share directly. Many times, fires and earthquakes feature a bright red card. First of all, the page will display the Top Stories carousel from significant news publications followed by respective Local Updates from Twitter. The section includes updates from significant Twitter accounts like @WHO. Up next is the Help and Information section that provides for links to WHO’s articles containing information regarding coronavirus. It provides consultative information, Q&A, and condition overview. The same source also offers embedded Safety tips like covering nose while coughing and sneezing and washing hands regularly.