Google Announces New Alliance To Secure Play Store From Malicious Apps

Google Announces New Alliance To Secure Play Store From Malicious Apps


Google has announced an initiative to check malicious apps from entering the Play Store. The internet giant has entered into a partnership with cyber security firms ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium to prevent bad apps from making way to the platform. The company has named the new initiative as App Defence Alliance. It said that the new alliance would protect over 2.5 million android users worldwide from apps having the potential to harm handsets. The tech giant announced the new alliance in a blog post. It said that the alliance partners will power the company with an additional pair of eyes to monitor infected apps before being released on the Play Store.

The company said that the goal is to ensure the safety of the apps stored on the Play Store and quickly identify and prevent potential harmful apps from being published. The company said that it has integrated Google Play Protect detection systems under this alliance with each partner’s scanning engines. The Google Play Protect is a built-in malware protection for the Android operation system. It is powered by Google’s machine learning algorithms. It continuously and automatically scans a device and makes sure that it has the latest in mobile security to keep the device, data, and apps safe. It said that the integration will help Google to generate new app risk intelligence. The constituents of the alliance will minutely scrutinize that dataset before an app goes live on the Play Store. Google noted that the Play Store is home to millions of apps and the immense popularity of the Android operating system among the users has made it a lucrative destination among hackers for their own good. It said that working in close collaboration with the alliance partners will surely get ahead of bad players and protect the industry from threats.

The new initiative by Google comes in the backdrop of several reports that malicious apps have entered the App Store and affected millions of devices. These malware apps trigger spam ads, generate fake clicks and even breach sensitive data of users.

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