Facebook will now notify users for their consent before using the face recognition feature

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Facebook announced that its facial recognition settings will now ask for permission. The setting will be default turned off for new users. Anybody who doesn’t previously have the setting will now be able to inform and requested if they desire to turn the setting on. Tag Suggestions will be replaced by a new facial recognition setting. The change will supposedly notify the user if some other uploads photo of the user. The notification will also be given if Facebook presumes the upload is done by the same user. In 2017, the feature was first presented. The feature couldn’t reach to everyone at that time. Now the new feature will be for everyone. The new users will have it turned off by default.

According to Srinivas Narayanan, an Applied Research Lead of Facebook’s AI stated that everyone might not be able to use the new feature of Facebook which uses face. Furthermore, features such as Photo Review that lets user distinguish when user appear in photos even if the user is not tagged. As long as the user has the approval to see the post according to its privacy setting the feature will not be activated. The user still will be able to tag friends manually. They won’t recommend user to be tagged if user does not have turned on face recognition.
Facebook’s being accused with a class-action lawsuit for its biometric data illegal storage of the of several users without user’s consent. Facebook lost a federal appeal last month which would have ended the trial. The trial could possibly be out some billion dollars. A Facebook notification will be sent to the user for linking to information when user is using new face recognition feature. The notification will offer user to turn off the feature. This offering is consent and user should choose according to their desires.


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