Facebook Inc. Makes Facial Recognition Opt-In Instead of Automatic Face Scanning


Free social media services are developed from convenient features that become dangerous only when we start to think about them. For example, Facebook’s ability to identify a face in an uploaded photo. By identifying faces and advising users to tag friends and themselves in uploaded photos. The company has built the largest name-to-face database in the world. Those tagging suggestions showed up when someone uploaded a photo. Facebook later gave a choice to turn facial recognition off. For that, you have to change privacy settings, and it kept the option to suggest to show tagged photo separately.

Facebook’s recommend tag feature, which is powered by automated facial recognition. It was activated for all social network’s users in 2011. It was stopped in the European countries in 2012 over privacy concerns, but Facebook reactivated in 2013. In 2017, a user was actively informed when a photo of them was uploaded, which could open the door for harassment. According to a post by artificial intelligence applied research lead, Mr. Srinivas Narayanan, Facebook is removing “tag” suggestion for overall facial recognition setting that will be off by default. Facebook explained all the changes on in a blog post, and it includes people who get the tag suggestions will begin to see a notice in the News Feed. The announcement is expected to include information related to new features and options to learn more regarding usage of face recognition, along with a button to turn it on or keep it off.

Recently, Facebook Inc. announced vital changes to its stance on face ID. Soon, facial recognition, including tagging, is expected to be turned off by default for all new users. If someone had facial recognition turned on, an individual would not get a notification to turn it off. The change that began rolling out to users to protect privacy and user data, including biometric information. Before two years, Facebook organized a face recognition feature and suggesting friends to tag in pictures or videos. The move comes amid growing concerns regarding facial recognition technology by government agencies and law enforcement and with the widespread use of the system for surveillance in all over the globe, including China.


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