cancer survivors are 10 times more vulnerable to heart diseases

Cancer Survivors Are 10 Times More Vulnerable To Heart Diseases


Major research has shown that cancer survivors are at 10 times higher risk of dying from heart diseases than the rest of the people.  As per the study, the chances of death from heart disease are four times high within the first year after the cancer diagnosis. Experts have said that such risk remains the same throughout their lifetime and older cancer patients are most affected by this. Common cancer treatments like Chemotherapy and radiotherapy increase the risk of heart disease in cancer patients. However, some of the lifestyle factors like being overweight and excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to a higher risk of heat-related illness among cancer survivors.

There are more than 3.2 million cancer survivors across the US. As per the study, 38 percent of people who have been suffering from 28 different kinds of cancer have died from cancer and 11 percent have lost their lives due to cardiovascular diseases. The new research has indicated that more than one in ten cancer patients die from heart disease rather than cancer itself. Among cancer survivors, who have been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 55, have a 10 times higher risk of dying due to cardiovascular diseases than the general population. People who are diagnosed with breast, prostate, and bladder cancer are more vulnerable to heart ailments, as these are the most common types of cancer.

The findings of the study show that a larger population of cancer patients might face death due to diseases such as heart stroke, aneurysm, high blood pressure, and damage to blood vessels. The researchers have asserted that health professionals need to be more cautious while monitoring cancer patients after cancer treatment. The study does not explain why cancer patients are at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. The research has been published in the European Heart Journal. It also suggests that oncologists and cardiologists need to work together to minimize the risk of cancer patients succumbing to heart-related diseases.

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